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Please enjoy a selection of my beautiful cats- past and present: (4 pages)


Ebony Spotted Tabby Oriental (F)
Born 15.10.2006
Sire: Ch Mayteako Tippitaka
Dam: Chicas Adashmore Magic


Huntress showing off her lovely spotted tabby pattern and green eyes. She has a good profile and chin - maybe could have a little more width across the top of her head, but her ears are set well and of good size. She has an excellent type. If the reader has not discovered by now, I prefer my Siamese and Orientals to have some healthy substance covering their bones.

Huntress has quite a strong will, a strange mixture of brash and timid- she will sleep in the most favoured spot near me on the bed and will defend it against all comers. However, another time she will run from a marauding kitten.


Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese. Neuter, born 21.03.2006 (d)
Sire: Mayteako Tippitaka
Dam: Chicas Chiquita



Richard Parker

Richard, no longer with us, was named after a certain Tiger in a novel "Life of Pi". Brother to Stripes are Pretty. Good natured soul, very gentle. I did not intend to keep 'another neuter' but he kept bouncing back to me - having refused to settle in a new home (three times actually). He was the biggest bed bug in the world, spending most of his time tucked under the doona - irrespective of the weather.

Richard had a lovely coat quality, cream body and chocolate points, an excellent profile, chin, wedge and ear flare, and good type. He also had excellent colour eyes and as you can see a good shape too.

Richard won the FCCWA Best Group 2 Desexed Award for 2008. Congratulations Richard.


Seal Tabby Point Siamese (F)
Born 21.3.2006 (d)
Sire: Mayteako Tippitaka
Dam: Chicas Chiquita

Stripes are Pretty

Stripes are Pretty 2

Penny, like her brother Richard Parker, is no longer with us. Because the name Stripes are Pretty is a bit stupid, I called her "Penelope". I sold her three times, and she kept being given back to me (along with Richard). While Richard never settled into a new home, Penny eventually found a family for life. She won Supreme at an FCCWA Show early March 2008 - to my great delight. Obviously excellent judging !!

She had a very tiny goatee beard, inherited from her GrandSire: Koinonia Tobias - it was very cute.


Siamese Golden Chocolate Tabby Point (F)
Born 08.09.2010
Sire: Diam GdCh Chicas Son of Toby (Siamese Lilac Point)
Dam: Chicas Cecelia (Siamese Golden Chocolate Tabby Point)

Chicas Frivolity
Frivolity or Baby Girl as I call her is a mature lady now and grown just a little stout.  She was a top show cat in her day, twice winning the annual CatsWA Best Group 2 Cat top award.  She sleeps on my head nearly every night on the top of the pillow and defends that spot against all comers (irrespective of potential damage to my head I might say)  I love her. 

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