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Conditions of Boarding

Extract from the Boarding Contract:


  1. Deposit of $................ to be paid in advance to secure the booking, balance on collection.
  2. If a booking is cancelled within three days of contracted drop off date, the deposit may be retained by Chicas Cattery. Thank you.
  3. Cats/kittens are to be in good health on arrival - subject to inspection by proprietor.
  4. All kittens / cats over the age of 7 months need to be sterilized.
  5. Proprietor reserves the right to decline to accept a cat/kitten that is in obvious ill health or has a suspected infectious condition or fleas. If flea treatment is found to be necessary, the owner will be liable - currently for Advantage at $15.00 each vial.
  6. All cats to be vaccinated, minimum F3. Vaccination certificate to be sighted.
  7. In the event of illness or accident to the visiting cat/kitten, the proprietor will do all possible to contact the owner and consult on appropriate action. If the proprietor is not able to contact the owner in a timely manner, the owner permits the proprietor to take all necessary action in regard to veterinary consultation.
  8. If the cat requires veterinary attention the owners are liable for all costs and out of pocket expenses incurred in the treatment. In the event of serious illness or accident and the owner cannot be contacted the veterinarian's decision relating to the treatment of the animal will be adhered to.
  9. Whilst every care and attention will be given by the proprietor or any staff of Chicas Cattery towards visiting cats/kittens, the owner releases Chicas Cattery from all liability for injury, death, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever that may occur to any animal in the care of or staying at Chicas Cattery.
  10. By signing the Boarding Contract, the owner acknowledges that the contract is binding between themselves and Chicas Cattery in relation to care of their animal and payment of boarding charges as outlined in this contract.


Elita on stand
Elita on stand- showing outlook from front units

South Gallery. Cat units open into large but secure area;

244 Tamby Court, Southern River WA
Close to Tonkin Highway, via Ranford Road

Enquiries and visits welcome
Contact Sue Game on: 0409 082 395