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Chicas Cattery guests:

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE! Two beautiful girls who stayed at Chicas Cattery next door to each other. Their very similar markings and gentle temperament, I felt, deserved a spot on my Guests page. Meet Cleo and Sophie Bean. Both are a credit to their owners. Only I know and they know which is which.


Special guest: 'KAT'

This is 'Kat' who desperately needed a home of her own after she was abandoned at Chicas Cattery.

I felt very sorry for her. A small Domestic Grey Tabby Shorthair with pale green eyes she was gentle and intelligent with a strong will. It was sad some not very not very nice things happened to her to cause her previous owner to relinquish her to my care.

There is a happy ending to her story; she finally found her forever home and I had several reports to say that she is very happy and there have been no further problems with her.


Stacey and ClaudeTracey and Claude






ALWAYS SMART IN BLACK AND WHITE. Three lovely ladies stayed at Chicas Cattery -From top to bottom: Cassie, Patches and Suzie. All were solid, neat little cats with soft thick coats, big yellow eyes and gentle, friendly natures. Their owners should be proud of them. Spot the difference ?!

Cassie Cassie





Anderton Ruby

Tana and Ruby, summer visitors, with their smashing haircuts – cool cats!   Just look at Ruby’s magnificent tail plume and imagine what she looks like in the winter with her full coat.

Anderton Tana

Another Cleo- This one very fluffy and doing her best to look as cute as she can.

Visitor Cookie looking mysterious.

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