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Your cat's routine while you are away:

Early morning room service- Visiting cats are offered their
selection of biscuits or other treats. Water bowls are
replenished, dirt boxes changed, units cleaned.

Then comes 'Chat Time' with brushing, fussing, playing
or just plain chatting.
Cats requiring medication will be cared for.
dinner time
Evening- Supper of choice served- a selection of meats and
tinned foods will be available as ordered and any special
tit bits as requested.

More chats and water and litter trays checked.

Before bed time- a check that all is well and good nights.

sleeping cats

All Units have views of trees, birds, shrubs. Some are more
secluded than others- for the shy cats- and others face the
front where our catty visitors can keep an eye on everything.

The best care will be taken of our visitors with close attention
paid to appetite, health and demeanour. Any concerns
will be dealt with promptly and professionally.

Please refer to Conditions of Boarding.

Pen with dappled shade
Pen with shaded front

Guest cats in unit
Guest cats in unit


244 Tamby Court, Southern River WA
Close to Tonkin Highway, via Ranford Road

Enquiries and visits welcome
Contact Sue Game on: 0409 082 395