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Check the FAQS below. You may find your answer.

Q. Can I bring my cat's own stuff? A. Of course bring doonas, igloos, scratching posts, pillows, dressing gowns. It all helps to make cat feel at home.

Q. My cat needs medication twice a day will you be able to administer? A. Yes of course

Q. My cat is diabetic and needs insulin at regular times – can you this. A. Yes We can

Q. My cat is very old, what special care do you take? A. Heated pads in the winter in the boxes, ramps and steps to help your cat up to the shelves. Feeding as much or as little as required, special grooming. Water fountains to encourage drinking. Big litter trays if necessary. Also if your cat is pretty frail, we can set up all he/she needs on the ground level, with mats and sleeping box etc.

Q. What happens if my cat becomes sick? A. All the carers are trained to observe the visiting cats closely, if any concern is felt, the proprietor will contact the owners first, and will take the cat to the vet at their request. If the owners are not contactable in a timely manner and the proprietor believes it is necessary, the cat will be taken to the vet and their advice / instructions adhered to. The owner would be liable for vet expenses.

Q. How can I be sure that my cat won't escape? A. The units and mesh are checked regularly. There is no way out the front of the units. The doors of the units open to a secure ‘galley’ area with a closed door at each end. An escape artist would be gently rounded up and returned to his own unit. As well, we have a strict rule that no outside doors are ever left open. So even if a cat did walk out of the galley, there is no access to the outside.

Usually booked up for school holidays, long weekends and Christmas.

Advance booking recommended

See Charges
Cash, cheque or internet banking- no Efpos available
Advance deposit required if total over $350.00

LONG TERM VISITS- over 45days- monthly rates available.

QUOTES available for three or more cats.

244 Tamby Court, Southern River WA
Close to Tonkin Highway, via Ranford Road

Enquiries and visits welcome
Contact Sue Game on: 0409 082 395