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The 'friend' in the middle is Chicas Piccalo – he loves to look after kittens – any kittens.
The kittens Dad, Saret (visit him on Cats page 4), did a great job in siring lovely, show quality kittens.  Mum is Chicas Tsu Hsi a little Black Oriental. 


Chicas Myeong came to visit me recently.  He travels all around in the car with his owner Dirk. Just look at Myeong’s eye colour in the photo.  I will try and persuade Dirk to join my registration body, CatsWA, and enter him in pedigree cat shows.   I think that Myeong is actually a Foreign White not a White Oriental. A Foreign White is a Siamese without points, they have a much deeper eye colour.   The only way to be sure would be to DNA test.  

Myeong and Dirk visiting

Chicas Myeong and friend. It took Meyong just a couple of weeks to make friends with Black German Shepherd Indi in his new forever home.   What a contrast !  Photo taken July 2017

Myeong and friend








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